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Why you are different?

Last updated on February 9, 2023

Individuality, composed of perspectives, is based on self-confidence which is also based on perspectives and experiences. Social relationships also have a base on self-confidence, which is based on perspectives.

If an individual faces a problem with their social relationships, they will search for the root of the issue in their self-confidence. By further reflection, they will discover that the root of their self-confidence lies in their perspectives. When their perspectives are not what they should be, their perspectives will change.

What has occurred is a “creative collapse”, leaving behind an individual who is confused and lost. All of their inner structures have become level with the ground and they have returned to the beginning, a beginning that is not empty and still holds past experiences from their previous perspectives.

What needs to be done is to stabilize their perspectives or create conditions that will not allow for a change in perspectives that will cause a few stones, which have been placed on top of each other, to be disturbed and destabilize the individual’s inner structures.

Individuality builds self-confidence based on some variables and some stable perspectives. Their social relationships also exist based on this self-confidence.

Conclusion: An individual who has started to transform and rebuild from within and has taken the road less traveled, after several years, reaches a point where they have a clearer and stronger sense of self and their place in society.

This is the main reason for my difference.

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