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Year: 2013

Startup Weekend Tabriz

The Startup Weekend in Tabriz started on August 27 and was a joint event of the Tabriz Log and OpenTalks software community. Despite the good and bad events, what remained was the friendship that was valuable to me and the memories that always bring a smile to my face. I am confident that there is a feeling of fondness among the entire organizing team. John Lee also contributed a lot. With his energy, as he said, he received from drinking coffee, he infused it into all the kids and made the event the best and most exciting possible. Many of my friends asked why there are no photos of Liveblog or why nothing has been written about it, etc. On behalf of the Liveblog team, I apologize to all these dear people and hope to make up for this shortfall in future events. I thank all the organizers, mentors, volunteers, photographers, videographers, and the Liveblog team for their presence, which was surely a big gap in the event.

Finally, I would like to thank Salar Kaboli, Jadi and Mrs. Majidi for their presence, which gave extra energy to everyone, and for having a conversation with these dear people, which is one of my greatest honors. Looking forward to future events and the visit of our dear friends.

– Faranak Majidi’s post about this event: Friendship, idea, joy

Twitter without Replies

With the recent changes that Twitter has made to its website, your timeline is now filled with conversations with people you follow. Based on some criticisms I saw on Twitter, I decided to write a style to fix this problem. With the installation of this style, not only will the current conversations not be displayed, but you will not see any reply (even like before) on your timeline.

First, install the Stylish plugin on your browser:
For Chrome:
For Firefox:

Now, go to the following address and install the Twitter without Replies style.

In case of any problems, leave a comment below this post.

My first Android experience

A while ago, I made the decision to stop using Symbian and switch to the Android platform. With the budget I had, I searched among different options and finally decided on the old SIII and Xperia SP, which was Sony, and I bought it from Arian (the only official Sony warranty in Iran). The first phone I had was a Sony K310. Currently, I couldn’t establish a connection with the Notification Light or its bottom light, but the rest of its features seem great to me. Especially since Sony has said it will upgrade to Android 4.3. If I understand a positive or negative note while using it, I’ll write it here.

Recently, Sony has also announced that it will legally unlock the bootloader of some of its phones. Fortunately, the Xperia SP is also one of them. This means that you can install custom ROMs without the risk of breaking the phone.

LTE is here, Finally

Today we had a visit from a university representing a telecommunications center, explaining that not only the third generation, but also the fourth generation of mobile phones (at least for the first mobile operator) have been equipped and tested, and are ready for use now. They’re just waiting for the exclusive rights of Rightel to finish so that they can launch it. In other words, when the exclusivity is over, we will directly move to LTE. Finally, the internet speed nightmare in the country is ending.

Success doesn’t come from university

I wish success to those who are waiting for their entrance exam results in a few days, but I want to share my experience as a university student with you. The university itself and being accepted or studying there don’t lead to progress and success. What leads to this result is the opportunity to get to know different people and new ideas that come up at the university. It’s not like all the people in a class are different; in each class, there may be a maximum of two people. Don’t just follow these exceptional people, but also spend time with average people. They are the same as you, coming from 57 Peckham or taking a sandwich or going to a supermarket or a sandwich shop.

In addition, you should know that what you learn in university is only one percent of what you need as a business person. So don’t rely only on a university education, but rather, go to what you are interested in and study it.

Don’t forget that “success” generally means for lucky people starting from saying “no” to opportunities, and for unlucky people creating an opportunity for saying “yes.”

I pay for the mistakes that I didn’t make

I pay for the mistakes that I didn’t make, for the generations of mistakes that were not mine. I pay for the generations of foolishness that were not my doing. The reality is that even though I didn’t contribute to the compulsory destiny that has been established, I still have to work ten times harder and think a hundred times more to escape it. The saddening issue is that I still have to bear the consequences of a life that was not under my control. Now, I don’t have another opportunity to live a life that was truly mine. According to a friend, we are bound to pay for the mistakes of others and there’s no escape from

Our generation

Not only within the country but also among generations abroad, we are all undergoing a revolution that is not avoidable. Do you see the elders who know a lot, who are very experienced? But since they know that they will soon die, they keep quiet. In fact, most people have a lot of information when they are old, whether from science or experience, but they know that they will soon die and do not bring comfort to others.

Our generation is a generation of young people who have been able to learn without having experiences and, because they will not die soon, they remain stuck between their knowledge, information, and experience, a common concern among the people of this generation, the fear of losing their achievements.

Our way

RTL Styles for Google Reader Alternatives

Two alternatives to Google Reader are Feedly and Digg Reader which have appropriate features. I’ve prepared two styles for them so you can view the text with the Tahoma font and right-to-left alignment by installing the Stylish plugin.

Digg style:
Feedly style:

And of course, the Stylish plugin for Chrome:

Nanga Parbat Atack

I came to know that the base camp of Daiamir in Nanga Parbat in Pakistan was attacked and unfortunately 10 to 11 of them were killed. Mehdi Gholipour, a climber from Tabriz, was also present and thankfully he was not hurt. After this tragedy, the Pakistani army announced that they are in control of the situation.

Terrorism is foolish but in a climbing camp? What was the target? What do you want to do? What will you prove?

Update on July 21, 2017
Today in the great speech of Azim Qeychisaz in Creative Mornings in Tabriz, I came to know that one of the victims was a close friend of the speaker. I also saw his film. I can only say I am sorry.

Nowruz 2013

A few days ago marked the seventh anniversary of the opening of my blog. Seven years have passed since I first felt the need to have a place to share my thoughts and experiences. Over the years, this blog has become a collection of my journey through life, and I’m proud of all that it represents.

I have no intention of stopping my blogging journey, and I plan to continue writing more and more. I hope that the new year brings joy and success to everyone. I would like to extend my warm wishes for a Happy New Year. and Nowruz.