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Tag: Simple Reminders

8 Small Reminders in Crisis

  1. Overthinking: Write it down.
  2. Anxiety: Practice meditation.
  3. Stress: Take a walk.
  4. Fatigue: Take a rest.
  5. Unhappiness: Exercise.
  6. Excitability: Listen to calming music.
  7. Distraction: Turn off your phone.
  8. Depression: Read a book.

Keep life simple

Have you missed someone? Give them a call.
Do you want to see someone? Invite them.
Not understood by others? Explain it.
Do you have a question or ambiguity? Ask.
Does something bother you? Speak up.
Do you like something? Express it.
Do you need something? Ask for it.
Do you love someone? Tell them.

Keep life simple.