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Tag: Self-discovery

Happy Nowruz 2023, I promise to watch the sky more

The sunset of the last day of the year and the sunrise of the first day of the new year signify the end of another chapter of life and an excuse to renew everything we have or want to have. It’s like starting from Sunday, but at least it gives us a chance to think about refreshing the worn-out things in life and appreciate them.

As I write this post, I think about the past years. I think about the non-thirties who were almost climbing one of the surrounding mountains every week and looking for an opportunity to be in nature. He loved the mountains and wanted facilities for longer trips and to discover new things.

Now that these facilities are more or less available, I am unfortunately caught up in the routine of daily life and employment. The few remaining hours of the day are spent on relieving tiredness, cleaning, and driving (not walking). Five years ago, everything I have now was a wish for me, and today, the very things I own are the shackles and chains and the cause of my regret for not being able to return to the past [freedom of action]. Even writing this post causes the clamor of the worn-out part of me that has written 120 posts in a year.

It has been a long time since I have deviated from the semi-goals I had, and even if I don’t mention the destructive feeling of FOMO, I still have the feeling of being a soldier who all his peers have been discharged and I am left with months of extra service in an environment where I have the smallest sense of belonging.

Something that is clearly evident is my need for change. Something that is not clear is the power and ability I have to destroy anything I have created so far, and something that is not clear at all is whether it is really worth it or not. Recently, one of my closest friends, who shares a similar mindset to mine, asked me if it is really necessary to destroy everything we create. Is this a form of masochism and an inability to handle peace?

Perhaps it is, perhaps it is not.

However, I still want to be a hunter-gatherer. I still need the ability to stare into human eyes. I still cannot enjoy the habit of looking down. I need a change, and this change starts with a promise. I promise to watch the sky more.

From introversion to extroversion

From introversion to extroversion. Or more precisely, the skill of communicating with people is a long road. I was thinking about how grateful I am to anyone who has tolerated my behaviors during my difficult times, and of course, I am indebted to those who have pointed out my bad behavior in the most explicit way possible. Now that I face people similar to myself during those times, I realize how difficult it is for them to tolerate it, and how much better chance they lose in life just because no one listens to them, they remain rude.

The truth is, if you want to communicate with people, you have to think a lot about your words and behaviors. The idea that people are obliged to perceive everything passing through my mind without any effort to better understand it is foolish. And of course, you have to throw away your selfish brain. Being decisive and insisting on personal opinions is valuable when you at least have reasons (not just feelings) for being right.

Remember that we can learn anything related to work, thinking, social relationships, and anything else that exists. If we are rude, let’s learn how not to be rude. If we have problems in friendship, let’s learn why we have problems and how not to have them, and so on.

Me and “Me”

Me and my hand. Me and my foot. Me and my brain. Me and my behavior. Me and my personality. Me and the person in whom I live. Me and the person in whom I live and who depends on me. Me and the person whose deficiencies I must make up for. Me and the person whose culture and civilization I must respect. Me and the person for whom I must strive to survive. Me and the person whom I must force to forgo many pleasures.

Success Spammers

It took thousands of years for humans to realize that, according to the inherent belief in God, they don’t need intermediaries to communicate with Him, and priests are useless in this regard. I don’t know how many years, perhaps thousands of years, will pass until humanity understands that if someone knows the path to success (assuming we have a clear definition of success), they will become successful. They don’t hold seminars or publish books saying, “Come on, follow me, and you will be successful.” We shouldn’t call these individuals anything but spammers.


Two things are essential for change in life:

  • Obtaining new things
  • Getting rid of old things
    The latter leads to obtaining new things and ultimately results in a change in life.

Now what?

You can challenge the entire history and universe with the question “Now what?”
And with a sarcastic look, you can challenge the question itself.

You are defined by the actions you take

Life is never defined by what you know about yourself. You are defined by the actions you take. Perhaps even by yourself. It’s a harsh reality, but it’s an inevitable one.

The difference between having unfulfilled dreams and not knowing what your dreams are is stark. When you have unfulfilled dreams, you at least have a direction in life, and a goal to work towards. But when you don’t know what your dreams are, you’re just aimlessly wandering through life without any purpose or drive.

It’s important to take the time to reflect and discover what it is that truly drives and inspires you. What are your passions and aspirations? What do you want to achieve in life? Once you know these things, you can start taking the necessary steps to make your dreams a reality.

Don’t let life pass you by without having a sense of purpose. Take the time to figure out what drives you and go after it with everything you’ve got. The satisfaction and fulfillment that comes from pursuing your dreams are priceless.



The mind often doesn’t allow you to logically understand who is right and who is wrong. For example, in a discussion, if you have a particular mindset, in the end, no matter how many arguments you make, you will still return to your mindset and your desired outcome. A good way to avoid this is to keep track of the number of failures in the discussion. For example, if you use the word “however” more than 5-4 times in a discussion, it’s likely that your argument is not correct and you are just thinking you are right because of your mindset.

Paradox of being different

It is strange to try to be different and understand that all these efforts are just to be ordinary. Like people who create differences and try to eliminate them. I am confused about those who try to be different. After a while, you realize that all the trouble and effort put into being different is just for the sake of being ordinary. You eventually come back to square one.

This paradox highlights the irony of trying to stand out in a world where everyone is striving for the same thing – to be average. It seems that in our pursuit of uniqueness, we often end up with the same result as everyone else. This phenomenon can be disheartening, but it’s important to remember that true uniqueness lies in our individuality, and not in the things we do or the way we look. Embracing who we are and what makes us special is the key to finding true fulfillment and happiness.

The Weakness of Managers

In my opinion, managers and executives who have a management mindset are weak individuals and can not be labeled as strategic. Since they are always looking up and busy with lower-level people.

Maybe that’s why I never tried to be a manager, except during my childhood. In fact, I never thought about being a manager or not. I just wanted to reach my goal. I never looked back.

Two notes:
It’s good to be able to manage other people. This post is just a post, not a theory. Being able to manage people who are better and superior to you is something else, it depends on specific individuals.

Andante, antes de que muera
(Move, before you die.)
– Pablo Neruda