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  • Loungeia | Books summaries as blog posts
  • TabrizTrip | Comprehensive encyclopedia of Tabriz tourism with virtual tour of historical places
  • Kocuren | Azerbaijani Turkish Language Alphabet Transliterator
  • All older projects

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  • Away from Keyboard Documentary Persian Subtitle
  • Derek Sivers – Anything you want Persian Translation






How can I help you?
Develop a full-stack custom website/service/app.
Design a user interface/experience for web and mobile applications.
Join your front-end development team as a front-end developer.
Join your back-end development team as a back-end developer.
Set up a development environment and run backend services (as a system administrator)

How I can’t help you?
Your project or idea violates local/international laws.
Your project or idea is politically aligned or affiliated with political groups.
Hacking someone or something with malicious intent.
Engaging in illegal activities on web platforms.

How can I help you for free?
I have a passion for non-profit, charity, kindness, and cultural initiatives, and I enjoy helping with such projects. If you need help with such initiatives, you can count on me.

To get my CV, please send an email to with the subject CV Request and details about why you need the resume. I’ll respond as soon as I can.

The quickest and best way to reach me is by sending an email to I only receive notifications promptly, and I’ll respond as soon as I can.