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Privacy Policy

I take your privacy seriously on my blog and want you to know exactly how your personal information is used. This policy clearly lays out what I do with your personal data.

I need your name, email, and comment for publishing your thoughts below, but I promise that your email will only be kept with me and will not be shared with any third party or person unless the entire blog or host is attacked.

After publishing your comment, you may ask me to remove or edit it. There is no specific deadline for this request and it depends on my free time.

When you contact me through the contact section, your name, email, conversation text, and anything else in the conversation text will remain confidential between you and me unless your email or mine is attacked by a third party or group.

For the purpose of analyzing visitor statistics and improving the quality of my writing, information such as the browser you use, the city and country from which you access my blog, and the time you spent on my blog will be transferred anonymously to Google’s servers and will be subject to the current or future regulations of Google. By continuing to stay on this blog, you accept that you have no problems with this matter.