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Tag: Projects

Loungeia, a book summary with artificial intelligence flavor

A few days ago, seeking tranquility and an unhealthy state of mind, I used an old trick of mine to jumpstart the frozen gears of my mind, and that trick is nothing but creating something new.

You might have heard of ChatGPT in recent times. It’s an AI system that resembles a human and talks with you, with unparalleled ability to respond. On one side, there’s you, and on the other, a quasi-human entity that understands you and generates content for you, with the best possible understanding.

With a small idea that came to my mind, I decided to have this system summarize a few books for me. But in a way that the main ideas of the book would be in the response, and by reading just the response, I could have an overall understanding of the book’s content. The result was something named Loungeia. It’s a platform that creates book summaries with artificial intelligence, and publishes them in a simple blog format.

Please check out the project, and if you have any suggestions for improvement, please don’t hesitate to contact me.

Introducing Shelfinfo

Shelfinfo is a shopping experience-sharing network. Our new service, Shelfinfo, is being launched to better connect with our users and optimize it based on their feedback. We have created a Subscription page to keep you informed of the launch date. We would appreciate it if you could subscribe to the service and share your feedback and suggestions with us.

Shelfinfo is a platform where you can share your experiences about a product or service you have purchased and used, for those who want to know more about it and it is important for them to share. You can also be aware of the opinions and experiences of others and your friends about the products and services they have purchased.

For more information:
Access Shelfinfo at


You’ve stumbled upon CSSTips – the ultimate destination for all things CSS. Here, you’ll discover a plethora of handy tips and tricks to elevate your web design game, no matter what level you’re at. From the basics of layout and typography to advanced animations and effects, we’ve got you covered. Our mission? To make your CSS coding journey smoother, faster, and more enjoyable than ever before. So what are you waiting for? Join the party and start exploring CSSTips today!

Unfortunately, it did not continue. You can get the custom template designed for this project for free from the Works page.

Tweetexy, a decentralized Twitter client

Like most tools that started from a need, I decided to write a personal client for Twitter to be able to tweet at any time and place, which resulted in Tweetexy. Tweetexy is an unrestricted Twitter client with the lowest possible data transfer rate and can be installed on a personal server.

Just enter the Twitter developer section, generate the required 4 keys, and enter them in the functions.php file. That’s it. Your client is ready. Transfer it to your host or personal server, open its address, and start tweeting. The data required to open it is only 3 kilobytes. That means, at the time of writing this post, opening the client costs 15 rials. Considering the use of AJAX to send tweets, the minimum data exchange is possible, and sending tweets can be regarded as free.

I have published the source code for Tweetexy freely and openly on GitHub. If you are interested in developing and helping, that would be great.

Tweetexy on GitHub (Inactive link)

Update: With the launch of the third and fourth generation of mobile networks, there is practically no need for this client anymore, but soon I will publish the previous source on GitHub for anyone interested in its operation.

Introducing HappyCard

A few days ago, I designed a postcard to be shared on Twitter and Facebook as a greeting for the upcoming New Year. Yesterday, I decided to write my friends’ names on it and send it to all of them. Apart from the fact that the workload was too high, it occurred to me to turn it into a service so that everyone could send a greeting card (for now, for the New Year) to their friends.

Finally, I wrote <!doctype html> and the work began. I predicted it would be finished by the end of the night, but due to some problems, it remained until today. Now the service is ready and you can use it to design a greeting card with your desired text. Just select the background design, enter the card details (text), and press confirm. On the next page, your card will be created, and you can save and print it or you can give your contact the link to see the card.

HappyCard (Inactive link)

Update: Only 24 hours have passed since the service was launched and a total of 113 cards have been created by 68 people. Thanks for all your support.

Plan for your holidays with Tatilyab

I wrote a service that by entering the Persian date, you can find out if that day is an official holiday or not (Official+Friday)

And soon, the possibility of entering other years, the ability to search for a period of time, and activating a programming interface for use in other services (JSON API) will be available.


  • Fixed the problem of entering Persian and Arabic numbers (thanks to @arashmil)
  • Displaying errors for incorrect day numbers.
  • Discontinued.

Bug, Araz’s Giraffe

In late 2013, following my research on character design, I started a practical project called “Araz’s Giraffe” which later chose the name “Bug” for itself. The reason for choosing a giraffe as the main animal character was my personal interest in giraffes. This interest can be traced back to the first time I became acquainted with Darwin’s theory of evolution. Even Maggie, who was on my desk, had a giraffe design on herself for a long time.

Accordingly, the project started, and by opening a Twitter account for Bug, I began tweeting from its perspective. The role of Bug was similar to a pet that blinked around me and made funny comments. I drew a lot of inspiration for the details of the character of Bug from Pumuckl, the character in the Meister Eder und sein Pumuckl series.

Unfortunately, due to time constraints, I am no longer able to continue this project and the Bug account is no longer active.

Bug’s latest tweet was posted at 11:37 on October 21st, 2017.

Twitter without Replies

With the recent changes that Twitter has made to its website, your timeline is now filled with conversations with people you follow. Based on some criticisms I saw on Twitter, I decided to write a style to fix this problem. With the installation of this style, not only will the current conversations not be displayed, but you will not see any reply (even like before) on your timeline.

First, install the Stylish plugin on your browser:
For Chrome:
For Firefox:

Now, go to the following address and install the Twitter without Replies style.

In case of any problems, leave a comment below this post.

RTL Styles for Google Reader Alternatives

Two alternatives to Google Reader are Feedly and Digg Reader which have appropriate features. I’ve prepared two styles for them so you can view the text with the Tahoma font and right-to-left alignment by installing the Stylish plugin.

Digg style:
Feedly style:

And of course, the Stylish plugin for Chrome:

I need your voice

I am making a documentary film for a university project on entrepreneurship in the IT industry. I have almost everything ready, including photos, video clips, interviews, etc. I just need someone to read a short text (two pages for the introduction and ten lines for the conclusion) that I have written. If you have half an hour of free time, please let me know and I will send you the text and the necessary notes.