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Year: 2010

Happy Yalda!

Last night, I was feeling great, celebrating the longest night of the year with friends and family. But then, suddenly, I wasn’t feeling so good.

Turns out, I got sick. In the middle of the night. During Yalda.

I had to cut the celebration short and head home. It was a bummer, for sure. But at least I made it home, where I could rest and recover.

Now I’m just taking it easy, drinking tea, and letting my body heal. I’m still disappointed that I missed out on the festivities, but I know it’s better to take care of myself and get better.

First White Hair: A Sign of Wisdom?

Today, I noticed my first white hair. It’s a small, wispy reminder that I’m getting older. But instead of feeling sad or stressed about aging, I choose to see it as a sign of wisdom.

Every year we live, we learn new lessons, gain new experiences, and grow wiser. Our white hairs are a physical manifestation of that wisdom and growth.

So, I embrace my first white hair. I’ll embrace everyone that comes after it too. And I’ll keep learning, growing, and becoming wiser every day.

I’m grateful for every year I’ve lived and for every lesson I’ve learned. I’m excited for all the wisdom and growth that’s yet to come.

I broke my pc

My computer crashed after giving it a little overclock, and nearly all its parts burned. With my current financial situation, I’m stuck for the next month. Luckily, I still have this phone. To my surprise, the operator gave me a 200 MB internet package, no idea why! Anyway, it’s fine, life goes on with Opera Mini these days.

August 23, 2010:
Just as I suspected, the system is completely down and there’s no hope for repair.

December 23:
2010 Got a new system. 5500 CPU, 4GB RAM, GT220 graphics and G41 motherboard. Let’s recharge the internet and get back to life.

Ubuntu v10.10 just released!

If you’re a Linux enthusiast, you know that Ubuntu is probably the best distribution for people who aren’t looking for a complicated gaming experience, but just want a strong and free operating system for work. Now, version 10.10 has been released. Its main features are:

  • A new font for Ubuntu
  • Replacing F-Spot with Shotwell for image viewing
  • Improved sound menu and added sound control buttons
  • Upgraded Nautilus for better file management
  • Upgraded GNOME

I was in heaven

Last night at 2:45 AM, I went for a walk in the snow. It was a peaceful and silent night, with no one else around. The only sound was the crunching of snow under my feet. It felt like I was in heaven.

The stillness of the night was only interrupted by the occasional flurries of snow, falling from the sky and landing softly on the ground. It was as if the world was in slow motion and I was the only person experiencing it.

As I walked through the quiet streets, I was filled with a sense of gratitude and awe. I felt connected to the world in a deeper way and appreciated the simple beauty of the moment.

In those few minutes, I was reminded of how powerful and calming a quiet and solitary moment can be. It was a reminder to slow down and appreciate the world around me. And I am grateful for that reminder.

How to destroy a TV show?

So, I’m watching “Prison Break” and my neighbor has already seen the whole series. And he drops a bomb on me – Michael is going to die in the end. Wow, I never saw that coming. I’m only a few episodes in and already have a major plot twist revealed to me. Gotta love having a neighbor who’s ahead of the game. But on the other hand, part of the excitement of watching a show is the anticipation of what’s going to happen next. Guess I’ll just have to keep watching and see if my neighbor was right. But in any case, if you’re behind on “Prison Break,” watch out for spoilers from well-informed neighbors!

Another September

Summer’s over and I can’t believe how happy I am about it. Finally, I escaped that crazy environment and feel relaxed in every way. After 12 years, of course.

Tomorrow, I have a job interview. I never wanted to be a designer only, but I hope something good comes of it. I can’t live without work.

I also need to take care of this phone battery. If I let it die, it takes forever to charge.

Playing: One Day in Your Life by Michael Jackson.