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Introducing HappyCard

Last updated on February 14, 2023

A few days ago, I designed a postcard to be shared on Twitter and Facebook as a greeting for the upcoming New Year. Yesterday, I decided to write my friends’ names on it and send it to all of them. Apart from the fact that the workload was too high, it occurred to me to turn it into a service so that everyone could send a greeting card (for now, for the New Year) to their friends.

Finally, I wrote <!doctype html> and the work began. I predicted it would be finished by the end of the night, but due to some problems, it remained until today. Now the service is ready and you can use it to design a greeting card with your desired text. Just select the background design, enter the card details (text), and press confirm. On the next page, your card will be created, and you can save and print it or you can give your contact the link to see the card.

HappyCard (Inactive link)

Update: Only 24 hours have passed since the service was launched and a total of 113 cards have been created by 68 people. Thanks for all your support.

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