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“Why Labeling People as “Deviant from the Norm” is a Faulty Concept

Last updated on February 9, 2023

I don’t have a good relationship with people who label themselves as having a flaw. For example, someone who sees their large brain as a disadvantage. Why is this? Because we don’t have a real, true definition for this issue. You can’t say a small brain is good and a large brain is bad. Another example, someone says their ethics are bad and because of that, they condemn themselves.

You can’t say their ethics are bad, because ethics don’t have a completely correct definition. Maybe the most ethical people are less accepted because of their ethics.

My point is that as long as we don’t have a specific criterion, we can’t label anything or anyone as “deviant from the norm.”

Worse still, it’s not just the person himself, but someone else may label someone else’s ethics as deviant from society’s norm. Perhaps that person has a unique perspective and has no interest in being part of society, so their ethics don’t need to be accepted by a society that doesn’t align with their values. As a result, their ethics are not only deviant from the norm but also completely correct.

In conclusion, labeling someone as deviant from the norm is a faulty concept. We need to understand that people have their own unique perspectives and ethics, and instead of labeling them as flawed, we should celebrate their differences.”

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