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From introversion to extroversion

Last updated on February 22, 2023

From introversion to extroversion. Or more precisely, the skill of communicating with people is a long road. I was thinking about how grateful I am to anyone who has tolerated my behaviors during my difficult times, and of course, I am indebted to those who have pointed out my bad behavior in the most explicit way possible. Now that I face people similar to myself during those times, I realize how difficult it is for them to tolerate it, and how much better chance they lose in life just because no one listens to them, they remain rude.

The truth is, if you want to communicate with people, you have to think a lot about your words and behaviors. The idea that people are obliged to perceive everything passing through my mind without any effort to better understand it is foolish. And of course, you have to throw away your selfish brain. Being decisive and insisting on personal opinions is valuable when you at least have reasons (not just feelings) for being right.

Remember that we can learn anything related to work, thinking, social relationships, and anything else that exists. If we are rude, let’s learn how not to be rude. If we have problems in friendship, let’s learn why we have problems and how not to have them, and so on.

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