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A Day for Programmers

Last updated on February 22, 2023

Under the hood, most of the things we deal with on a daily basis as programmers leave a trace of the fusion of art, creativity, and logic. A trace that belongs to programmers. How good it is that one day of the year is dedicated to programmers so that their value and work can be recognized more than ever before. The 256th day of the year, which is the last power of 2 in the current calendar, is a very valuable day for programmers. In this regard, the Tabriz Open Source Sessions group has launched a campaign to register this day on the national calendar. If you are interested in participating and signing up, please visit this website and enter your details.

Update: The first celebration of the Iranian Programmer’s Day will be held simultaneously in Tabriz (Paradise Cafe) and Sari (Nava Cafe) at 5 pm on November 30, 2014 (Azar 10, 1393). Attendance is free for all interested parties and there will be a special discount on the cafe menu.

Update: Shargh newspaper has supported the registration of this day. We appreciate their support.

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