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Beetle-oriented masculinity

Last updated on February 10, 2023

One of my friends tweeted: “My logical part says that boys also have the right to be scared of beetle, but another part of my mind doesn’t accept this.”
Being a man is not a requirement, a privilege or something unusual, it’s like being forced to.
Imagine you are on a highway and you see that there was an accident, both drivers are injured and dying. When you get off and see that there are many people there, the likelihood that you will go and help them is close to zero. There is a psychological reason that a doctor has written about in his blog.
But if you are alone at that moment, you will try your best to save them, despite the fact that you have a psychological problem.
In my opinion,
Life is the same, when you know who is going to kill the beetle, you can easily be scared of it.
But when you see someone else who is afraid of the beetle and you are the only one who can overcome that fear, you can’t even think about fear or anything else.
The beetle example was just a starting point, it applies to everything in general.

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