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Month: July 2014

Tweetexy, a decentralized Twitter client

Like most tools that started from a need, I decided to write a personal client for Twitter to be able to tweet at any time and place, which resulted in Tweetexy. Tweetexy is an unrestricted Twitter client with the lowest possible data transfer rate and can be installed on a personal server.

Just enter the Twitter developer section, generate the required 4 keys, and enter them in the functions.php file. That’s it. Your client is ready. Transfer it to your host or personal server, open its address, and start tweeting. The data required to open it is only 3 kilobytes. That means, at the time of writing this post, opening the client costs 15 rials. Considering the use of AJAX to send tweets, the minimum data exchange is possible, and sending tweets can be regarded as free.

I have published the source code for Tweetexy freely and openly on GitHub. If you are interested in developing and helping, that would be great.

Tweetexy on GitHub (Inactive link)

Update: With the launch of the third and fourth generation of mobile networks, there is practically no need for this client anymore, but soon I will publish the previous source on GitHub for anyone interested in its operation.