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Month: August 2013

My first Android experience

A while ago, I made the decision to stop using Symbian and switch to the Android platform. With the budget I had, I searched among different options and finally decided on the old SIII and Xperia SP, which was Sony, and I bought it from Arian (the only official Sony warranty in Iran). The first phone I had was a Sony K310. Currently, I couldn’t establish a connection with the Notification Light or its bottom light, but the rest of its features seem great to me. Especially since Sony has said it will upgrade to Android 4.3. If I understand a positive or negative note while using it, I’ll write it here.

Recently, Sony has also announced that it will legally unlock the bootloader of some of its phones. Fortunately, the Xperia SP is also one of them. This means that you can install custom ROMs without the risk of breaking the phone.

LTE is here, Finally

Today we had a visit from a university representing a telecommunications center, explaining that not only the third generation, but also the fourth generation of mobile phones (at least for the first mobile operator) have been equipped and tested, and are ready for use now. They’re just waiting for the exclusive rights of Rightel to finish so that they can launch it. In other words, when the exclusivity is over, we will directly move to LTE. Finally, the internet speed nightmare in the country is ending.