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Nazar Amulet

Nazar Amulet, also known as an “Evil Eye” charm, is a popular symbol originating from Turkish culture. It is believed to protect the wearer from negative energy, jealousy, and bad luck.

The amulet usually consists of a blue eye, surrounded by a blue circle, and set against a white background. The blue eye symbolizes protection, and the color blue is said to ward off evil spirits. Some Nazar amulets feature additional decorations, such as a blue bead or string, to enhance the protective properties of the charm.

The idea behind the Nazar Amulet is that it will reflect harmful energy back to the person who sent it. This means that if someone is jealous or envious of you, the amulet will deflect their negative energy, preventing it from reaching you.

In Turkish culture, it is common to see Nazar Amulets hanging in homes, on cars, or even worn as jewelry. It is a widely recognized symbol and a popular gift to give to friends, family, or loved ones.