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Assassin’s Creed, A Breakthrough

Last updated on February 8, 2023

Yes, you heard that right. The “Assassin’s Creed” franchise has some philosophical depth.

At its core, the game explores the struggle between two ancient societies, the Assassins and the Templars, each with their own distinct beliefs and principles. The Assassins, who value free will and individuality, believe that peace can only be achieved through allowing people to make their own choices. Meanwhile, the Templars, who value order and control, believe that peace can only be achieved through control and manipulation of the masses.

As players, we see this conflict play out in each game, as the two societies engage in a covert war, with each side attempting to gain control over humanity’s future. This struggle raises interesting questions about the balance between freedom and control, and what it means to be a leader.

But it’s not just the storyline that explores these themes. The gameplay itself is designed to reflect these philosophies. For example, the assassins have a more open-ended approach, allowing players to approach each mission in their own unique way, using their own skills and tactics. Meanwhile, the Templars are more rigid and control-focused, with more structured missions and a greater emphasis on order and efficiency.

So next time you’re playing “Assassin’s Creed”, take a step back and consider the deeper philosophical questions the game is exploring. Who knows, it might just make the experience even more enjoyable.

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